About The Company

I founded my bridal business in 2013, after working in film and commercials for 7 years I needed an outlet that gave me real women to work with in a fast paced, fun environment. I provide excellent mobile beauty services for weddings large and small in Los Angeles. I have a reliable team I employ for larger weddings and also send out to weddings I am not available for. Our standards are high. We come from 10 plus years of doing makeup and hair in Los Angeles serving celebrities, working with high end brands and fashion magazines. We only know how to be relaible, deliver quality work and have fun while doing so. 


About Stephanie


I'm Stephanie and I love people. Being a makeup artist has given me the unique opportunity of meeting many different kinds of people and learning from them has really shaped who I am. I started in the film biz when I was just 15 years old. I was so intrigued by the industry and the magic of creating a film, I decided to move across the country from Chicago to Los Angeles at just 17 years old. 

I had lots of amazing opportunities and have worked on over 3 dozen films, 100’s of commercials and continue to work in print and advertising when I’m not beautifying my brides. My recent work includes commercials for Subaru, Virgin Airlines and Adidas. I have been on the Emmy winning tv show 'The Doctors' talking about my beauty tips. Occasionally I make an appearance on The Hallmark Channel’s ‘Makeover Monday’ show as part of the makeover team. More work can be viewed here at www.stephanienavarro.com. 

I find it incredibly refreshing to work with brides. That joy of when she looks in the mirror after her makeup and hair is done and she has never felt so beautiful is something that will never get old. The high energy of a wedding day is the environment I thrive in. I am driven by my passion for helping people and hope that in the process we can learn something from each other. 


Things I love 

When I am not working on brides, I explore my other passions for dancing, cooking, natural foods and wild places. I tend an 80 square foot garden full of greens and tomatoes in the summer. I love to try new recipes and often fall asleep at night with a new cook books in hand. I recently joined a salsa dancing team and I love rock climbing and mountaineering adventures with my boyfriend. Just last winter we completed The Mountaineer's Route on Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in the lower 48 states. I live in Echo Park with my boyfriend Jared and our cat Bella.




Quotes I live by

Live in the moment.

Focus on one thing at a time.

Live with love.

Do things that scare you.

Happiness is an inside job.